Schedules of Dilapidation & Condition

“Why do I have to repair the landlord’s property?”  

Well, the simple answer is that the lease often says so. However, you can limit this as a tenant, and as a landlord you can enforce your right to make the tenant repair a property. The mechanisms for these are Schedules of Condition and Schedules of Dilapidation.

As a tenant signing a new lease, is important that you understand that you know what you are signing for. Mostly leases are what are called “fully repairing and insuring” and this means YOU as the Tenant are fully responsible. Even if you have a lease that says it is “internal repairing” you may be responsible for external repairs through a Service Charge. Make sure you get the proper advice from your solicitor about what this means for you. A solicitor should explain to you all it means to you, but a surveyor, such as BIV BOWES, can help limit your costs as a tenant.

Conversely, a surveyor engaged by the Landlord can help recover costs at the end of your lease – or help enforce repairs during the term. You need to be aware as a landlord that if you have a loan secured against the property, it is generally a condition of that loan the property is kept in good condition. Whether you are Landlord or Tenant, BIV BOWES can assist in Schedules of Condition and Schedules of Dilapidation.

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