Rating Appeals

I can give you facts.
I can tell you that there is a rating revaluation next year. 

But you know that.

I can tell you that all Rateable Values are being reassessed and that means that your Rateable Value may go up considerably or even drop considerably.
But you know that. 

What you need is advice on how to best deal with your rating situation and this is where you need the expert advice of BIV Bowes. Having undertaken so many rating appeals on so many different classes of property I do believe that my firm can offer you good quality advice that will save you money.

I am so confident that we will save you money that my firm charges no fees or costs unless there is a reduction in your Rateable Value following our negotiations with the Valuation Office. We also only charge our savings fees based on one year’s saving in rates not over the whole five or even seven year period of the rating list. Come and get advice without cost!

We will come and see you at your premises to consider whether a rating challenge is appropriate. We have more than once in the past advised people not to submit an appeal when this is likely to increase their rating costs. We also give advice that is beyond merely submitting an appeal and hoping for the best; sometimes rates need to be managed to get the best result. If you want your rates managed to give you the best savings then call us!

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